Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Proud Mum moment! (What? Another cricket pic??!!)

For those of you who know (much less care) about such things, Australia today won the second Ashes Test cricket match against England, in an absolutely edge-of-the-seat finish.

That was fantastic, but for me even better was that my son's school team won a competition called the Arthur Morris Cup. More pics here. The presentation was made by former Test cricketer, Brian Booth, in the pavilion named after him at St George Cricket Club's home ground, Hurstville Oval. That's where the kids played, many of them for the first time on such a beautiful, professionally prepared turf wicket. Brian was also a Sydney school teacher, and is an all-round nice bloke.


  1. bravo aux gagnants, et merci pour le lien, les photos sont tres bien. il ne manque qu'une petite video ;o)

    cheer with gaining, and thank you for the bond, the photographs are very well. it misses only one small video ;o)

  2. Go team! You must be so proud of your son!

  3. two things to celebrate in one day
    go Aussie.. go your son :)

  4. Team sports are great for kids! Team photos are also good remembrances--great!

  5. Where I am, a cricket is an insect -- this is interesting, though. :)

  6. Congratulations to son and proud supporting mum!!!
    I do understand parent pride however I wonder if you saw in cricket what I occasionally saw in soccer (football) here: parents taking an unacceptingly biased view of the game and abusing the referee as soon as things don't go their way... but no, surely not in cricket?

  7. I don't really know anything about cricket but I like to see Melanesian women playing in New Caledonia, wearing their flowery dresses! And to your son: Félicitations!

  8. congrats on the win! you must be so so proud!

  9. :P
    i actually like the second small photo.
    and congratulations to you too!!

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