Monday, 30 October 2006

The Three Sisters, Blue Mountains

Sun 29 Oct 3.48pm
A World Heritage Area, the Blue Mountains are a green lung to the west of Sydney. Many people commute to work in Sydney daily from the towns and villages of the Blue Mountains.
Why is this iconic rock formation called The Three Sisters? Find out here.
Are the Blue Mountains really mountains? No - it's a heavily dissected uplifted sandstone plateau Find out more here.
Why do they appear to be blue? Well, that's because of the eucalyptus oil exuded into the atmosphere. Read all about it at Wikipedia.
The area became popular in the early 20th century as a honeymoon and tourist destination, as a retreat from the higher temperatures in Sydney. Yesterday morning it was a chilly 1 degree, but we warmed up in the sun by the middle of the day!


  1. It's a great area to visit. I don't know how much it has recovered after the terrible forest fire a few years back?

  2. The Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia got their name in much the same way. The tree pollen is blue and when it is in the air...the mountains look blue.

  3. An anonymous admirer30 October, 2006 13:23

    Your blog is usually has lovely quirky photos and comments so I was a bit disappointed by this one - it is the standard tourist shot of the 3 sisters... but I suppose that producing an a really original photo EVERY day is a bit too much to expect of anyone so I will forgive this lapse of ordinary-ness.

  4. Hmmmmmmmmm...what a little pill that anon admirer is...psh! LOVE YOUR SHOT SALLY! Wish I had access to such beautiful flora in my neck of the woods! Take care! =)))

  5. Hmmmmmmmmm...what a little pill that Anon is...LOVE YOUR SHOT SALLY! Wish I had access to such beautiful flora! Rock ON! ;-)

  6. Hi Sally, I've never seen the Three Sisters and probably not much of the Blue Mountains before, this is a good photo plus all the info and links you have gathered. Great post!

  7. c'est superbe ces trois soeurs. la photo est magnifique. merci pour tes explications.

    it is superb these three sisters. the photograph is splendid. thank you for your explanations.

  8. ooh, the blue mountains! I've always wanted to go up but never have. I'm hoping I'll be able to do it come this next trip.

  9. Thanks everyone, especially you anony-muse...your squeaks made me laugh.

    edwin: it's so easy to get to, so I hope you do!

    gail's man: the aussie bush relies on fore for regeneration, so, ys, much has regenerated. There is one patch I saw yesterday that doen't appear to have, but there is > 1 million hectares of wilderness, so there's plenty there!

    robert: that's interesting!

  10. I've never seen any pictures of this place before Sally, so I enjoyed the view!

    Curly's Photoshop

  11. Sally, I have been there! Lots and lots of steps, but worth every step!

    I always miss Sydney visiting your DP. My sis is planning a trip to Sydney next month and is tempting me!!!

    Edwin, you should try it. Great view from the top! Just hop a train ride from City to Katoomba, then that's it. Then buy a bus tour that brings you round and round and round :-)