Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Purple Haze (for Mimmu)

This shot of jacaranda blooms is for Mimmu in Finland (see her blog - click here), who I promised to show more jacaranda after my shot at Sydney Uni last week.

At left I've also given you an idea of trees in full bloom. I walk past these ones on the way to the station every day. One day you go past and not notice them, then all of a sudden they are in full bloom...then, seemingly, just as quickly, they are gone.

To the right, an attempt to show the effect of the purple blooms dotted throughout the neighbourhood between the green trees, from a high point of a nearby street. (It's hard to capture the full effect, but clicking on it to enlarge will improve it). They are, above all, a tree of the suburban back yard and street... I can't think of many (any?) in the city itself.


  1. oh...so so beautiful....i wanna wanna wanna....walk underneath it


  2. Those trees are breathtakingly beautiful! And, I hope everyone maximizes the neighborhood shot because it is truly amazing to me. Great photos, Sally!

  3. Gorgeous tree, and one of my favorite colors!

  4. ces arbres sont magnifique et cette couleur violette superbe (on se croirait dans un clip de Prince ;o) )

    these trees are splendid and this color superb violet (one would be believed in a clip of Prince ;o) )

  5. A thousand thanks, Sally, for these splendid pictures.I am still so surprised these beautiful flowers of this tree. When I hear the word jacaranda, I am thinking of furniture made from jacaranda tree.Those flowers are like some kind of Campanula (Harebell or Bluebell), but bigger.
    Now I am a better biologist -"better late than never"! Thanks to you, Sally:)

  6. I am wondering, who is eating words and letters during journey From Finland to Australia. Now at least
    the word AT is missing, surprised at these....
    Sorry - my English

  7. Hi, Sally! How are you? What a wonderful tree! Love the color. We never have tree with colors other than green here where I live :)

  8. I have never seen anything like this.
    Truly beautiful!

  9. You know Sally, jacarandas are all over the city too: yesterday I saw some in Hyde Park, in York street, in front of St Mary's cathedral, in the Botanic gardens, on Circular quay and in front of the Museum of Modern art... and Woolloomooloo is just FULL of them.