Saturday, 7 October 2006

Overhead power

'twas a grey old day in Sydney on Friday. Unfortunately, no rain, just dull and grey. Still it made a nice canvas for this shot of overhead power lines and the telco cable.

New developments in Sydney are supposed to have them all underground, but the government recently caved into developers and are still letting them get away with this nonsense. This is one of the most annoying things about life in Sydney - developers rule the roost. But it's no wonder. Political parties just love the big fat donations from developers.

The thick cable across the middle belongs to telco Optus (majority owner Singtel of Singapore). Telstra, the former monopoly provider placed their cables underground, but Optus weren't allowed access, so their cables are slung along below the power lines. Ugly, ugly and ugly.

Does your city have power and telco cables underground or overhead?


  1. Yep, I sure have in the vault a number of pictures equivalent to this one. What a shame!

  2. Horrible isn't it! And those funny foreign folk think Sydney is just all glamour, glamour, glamour, sunshine and lollipops... oops I'll stop now, gotta get dressed and go out photoblogging!

    Have agreat weekend, Nathalie. Or as the advert used to say:


  3. still beautiful sky trough the lines.

    haha'gotta get dressed and go out photoblogging' you're funny Sally, hope you have a great time vacationing around the world!

  4. we have both, and should be moving towards underground. I have to admit I like them and think they are great addition to sky shots

  5. singapore has all the cables and telco lines all buried underground. think its govt regulations. to make the city look better.

    well, at least sydney does not have the trams like Melbourne that has all the wires all above :-)

  6. Hi sally,

    did you see my pic of the tramway cables running in the milanese sky?