Wednesday, 4 October 2006

The "Cave House" at Sylvania

This place has been giving passers-by a giggle for at least 25, maybe 30 years. For decades, the house behind the "cave" was unfinished - the second storey was just a concrete slab (of the kind you might see in a Greek or Turkish village) with metal reinforcement sticking out of it.

Reputedly the result of a property dispute, neither the "cave house" in front could be demolished, nor the new house behind finished.

Now that the dispute is seemingly resolved after all these years, the "cave house" is still used as a sort of front yard storage shed.

After decades of meaning to, I stopped to take a photo today as we drove back from our short South Coast break. At least it hadn't been demolished entirely in the 5 days we have been away. . . that would have been a real blow after 30-odd years! !


  1. That's certainly different. I love the oddball things life has to offer, and that certainly qualifies. :)

  2. I certainly just realized I certainly also like the word certainly. I'm nothing if not redundant. ;)

  3. wow i found the story fascinating. great photo.

  4. Amazing story and piece of architecture. Do you think the cave was originally supposed to host some sort of nativity scene?

  5. Did Bam Bam or the Flintstones live here previously??