Saturday, 14 October 2006

Third last day of the school holidays

It's been the October school holidays the past two weeks, so I've just been tootling around locally, and going to the pool with my son. Today was 37 degrees. TOO HOT for this time of year. Relief with a cooler change due late tomorrow.

Here's my son at the pool today (yes, I know! Another swimming pool shot!). I'm pretty proud of him (as well as the fact I actually managed an action shot!)

And there's more about this pool (Botany) here.


  1. To your son: Christmas holidays are coming, bon courage!

  2. very nice capture Sally with your son in mid-air :-)!

  3. Nice shot, Sally!
    I like colour and timming you took this shot.

  4. Uh, 37 degrees could kill me without cool lake!
    Your joy at your son and this moment in photo is well-grounded, I understand that very well.
    Nice weekend to both of you!
    (I have a post for you on my page )

  5. Great shot and capture. Your son looks pretty good!!

  6. this is a great shot. good timing.