Thursday, 19 October 2006

Double trouble

I was sitting on a seat in Hyde Park, when I noticed this young skater whizz past. Then I became aware that he was back again, and then a few seconds later, back he came from the other direction, and then again.

Then I looked up and paid more attention!


  1. twins huh, nice. I am a new aunt to twin sisters though I haven't met them yet. My sis-in-law lives in Tokyo!

    I also like the shot of the colorful bath houses from yesterday's post.

    enjoy the rest of the week!

  2. Aha! Very funny/! Good post!

  3. Thanks midnitebara and nathalie. Midnite - i'm sure you'll get to enjoy those twins.

  4. Je ris toute seule devant mon écran! (I'm laughing alone in front of my computer!)

  5. Very appealing shots of those boys!