Monday, 8 June 2009

Up A Lazy River

Brisbane lies on the Brisbane River which drains into Moreton Bay (Quandamooka to the local Aboriginal people) 19 kms downstream.

I think Brisbane is channelling London, with its redevelopment of the Thames. There is an exception - the South Bank development, while containing many cultural centres (performing and visual arts centres) like London, London does not have an artificial beach!

When seen from above, the Brisbane meanders like the Thames, and I've seen promotional footage of Brisbane featuring aerial shots which are a "copy" of the opening credits sequence of BBC series EastEnders.

Below: Looking upstream towards the city centre. Taken from the Medina near Story Bridge. The tall buildings at right are part of a development called "Riverside". Apart from tower apartments and offices, there are cafes and restaurants along the riverfront. There's also a shared walk and cycleway along the river.

Below: Looking towards Story Bridge. This part of the Riverside walk is currently closed and under repair


  1. I love your first photo! It gives a wonderful sense of the entire city and its diversity. I even love those looming clouds.

  2. The ligth of the first photo is fan,tastic