Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Redfern Park redevelopment- after and before

I previously showed the old South Sydney Rabbitohs home ground prior to its redevelopment.

The project is now finished. Redfern Park has a lovely new look, and the football ground is now a community asset and training ground.

Below: After, after and before:


  1. I walk through here each day on the way to and from work. Both the footy ground and the park are a joy to be part of. The community that uses it is generally old, poor and ethnic - but so friendly and talkative.

    And the council welcomes people to walk through, to walk their dogs through, to job through ... it is a resource for the people.

  2. Really snazzy new seating area. Looks very nice indeed.

  3. I like the idea that thousands of people demonstrated on the streets when the Rugby Club was excluded from the newly formed National Rugby League about ten years ago. There were reports of 80,000 people at a rally in the CBD. The team wasn’t very successful when it was first readmitted but it has done better since being bought by Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court.
    First team games are played at the ANZ stadium in Homebush, and as you say the refurbished Redfern Oval is for training and community events. A sports team should be part of the local area. The football team I support, here in England, has won awards for being family orientated and for education projects.
    On our first visit to Sydney a couple of years ago my wife and I took the train out to Penrith to watch the Panthers play the Brisbane Cowboys because a character in Thomas Keneally’s “A Family Madness” played for the Club. The author, of course, supports Manley- Warringah Sea Eagles.
    We are excited, today, because we have just bought flights for our third visit to Australia next January.

  4. Fscinating photo that speaks volumes about renovation and demands of progress!