Friday, 5 June 2009

Brisbane night sky (Skywatch Friday)

A couple of days ago I showed the ferris wheel at Southbank in Brisbane. The other night, from the River Cat, on the way home from the ACTU Congress, I was playing around with the camera, without a tripod. I decided to deliberately move the camera in a horizontal plane and see what patterns might emerge from the lights of the buildings and the traffic along the expressway on the northern bank.

Above: The ferris wheel and lights and a cloudy sky. Below: The ferris wheel against the night (6:27pm) sky as the River Cat leaft the wharf.

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  1. amazing skywatch. I love the skies at night and you have captured the colors and Ferris wheel wonderfully!

  2. nice one - brisbane looks lovely at night

  3. Very interesting result outcome of the first pic. Nice reflection and colors on the second.

    Ming (

  4. I went to Brisbane once, when my nephew got married at the local Victorian church, which I think had an ironwork structure.

    Quite impressed with Brisbane. I think it is nearly as good as Sydney.

  5. miniphatt41@sbcglobal.net06 June, 2009 15:52

    When we came to Australia to start an 18 day cruise our first port was Brisbane. We spent 4 days in the city before the cruise, and felt so comfortable there. We visited Sydney on Christmas Eve of our cruise and loved it there too, we just didn' have enough time. Thanks for this great daily blog, for sure I want to return to Australia and spend more time. Please check in with the West Sacramento California daily blog, my Mum is the manager of that. Cheers from America, Lori M.