Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Not Sydney, Brisbane

I'm in Brisbane for a conference.

Since the London Eye proved so popular, every city "needs" a ferris wheel, apparently. Here's the Brisbane version, on the south bank of the Brisbane River. Taken from the rooftop of Rydge's Hotel.


  1. Hi Sally,
    Wheel like this would be nice for the city sightseeing.Thanks for sharing. Good trip to you.

  2. Difficult to see if there are any people there, but it's a great ferris wheel.

  3. Well, the place is very attractive. A good place for people to enjoy a ride in the most pure "British" style :P. They clearly mismatch the skyline but what the heck, better to have fun than to build boring office buildings. Besides, ferris wheels are fantastic to take pictures.

  4. Wow! This is simply a spectacular photograph! First off, it's a super view, and then it's tack-sharp and the exposure is perfect!

    Great job!

  5. Enjoy the conference, Sally.
    I hope you don't get too much rain. I understand the floods were quite severe in QLD recently.

    Your photos of the downpour and landslide in Beverly Hills were quite scary too.

    I really enjoyed your Wollongong beach view (nothing beats an Australian beach!!!) and the Nan Tien temple visit. I drove past it but never stopped, your photos were really great.

  6. that Brisbane Square building is a disgusting eyesore

  7. I don't remember the wheel in Brisbane when I visited it the last time ;-)