Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A great big hole in the ground

On Friday morning, a great big crater / landslide happened on the corner of Bellevue and Victoria Roads, in upmarket Sydney suburb, Bellevue Hill. The slide swallowed up two parked cars. Fortunately no-one was injured.

I went for a mosey around (along with a whole lot of other rubber-necks) on Sunday. By that time fencin ghad been erected and lots of fellas were standing arounf guarding the hole or, well, doing stuff.

It could take months to repair.

For a news report and a gallery of photos, taken before the fencing appeared, and some aerial shots - click here. There's also a link to video taken by a local, showing the cars going in.

More pictures here.

Above: Shelter from the rain for the guards and workers on Sunday. It's been raining in Sydney for weeks.
Below: The landslide is just beyond this fence....fortunately it's a park below, so no houses or buildings were affected.

Below: This fellow was a telecommunications worker, feeding new cables in underground....they hade been severed.


  1. It's amusing have blokes guarding it. Is somebody going to steal it! I know it's for the dreaded health & safety reasons. You can see the ambulance chasers waiting around the corner, just in case someone falls in and they can sue the council for failing to fill in the pot hole!