Tuesday, 30 June 2009

OH, HB and sandstone

There aren't all that mny places where you can get the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House in one shot. The Dawes Point (western) side of the bridge is one.

This is taken from Ives Steps Wharf right near Pier One.

I don't know what the little round copper-roofed sandstone building is - couldn't see a plaque (maybe I'm just unobservant), and I've been madly googling, to no avail. So if anyone knows what it is, I'd love to know. It's a footpath level, with the wrought iron fence along the water on either side.

Update: My Sydney bloggy colleague and indefatigable historical super-sleuth, Julie, has probably solved the mystery. The site was originally used as a tiny observatory, built by Lieutenant Dawes. But then Governor Macquarie ordered a crenellated tower be built as a defence against the Russians and French, so this is probably part of it.

Julie also uncovered some interesting information about the beautiful wrought iton balustrade - have a look at Julie's Plumbing the Deeps blog to find out more.


  1. I like this unusual perspective.

  2. Arrggghhhh ... IhateyouIhateyouIhateyou ... this is going to take me all night!

    But lordy ... it is fun!

  3. So it is between the Ives Steps and that set of traffic lights that makes about 100 ft of roadway just a one-way bit?

    Y'know I have trudged all over there: and never seen this. I have a photo of that railing!!

    According to my reading, just about everything was removed during the period 1925-1927 for the approaches to the bridge.

    Is the perspective here a tease and this structure is closer to Pier 1 than it might seem? Those little windows look like they were constructed for guns/canons to poke out of - like over at Fort Denison.

    MMM mmm ... a puzzlement ...

  4. I love the juxtaposition of different materials in this photo! But I have to say that it's that little sandstone structure and its wrought iron fence that I like the best :)

  5. Sal ... found a photo from 1930 that might interest you. Shall post it on http://jstorry.blogspot.com/
    together with my best guess as to what it is ...

  6. Gorgeous shot. I love variations/interesting angles on a familiar theme or subject.

  7. Interesting pic this one. Even interesting story...