Saturday, 6 June 2009


By deliberately moving the camera in a horizontal plane I captured these abstract shots of the Brisbane river, skyline and traffic. Top: my favourite of the photos. Bottom: A collage


  1. the Brisbane Square building looks less ugly and obstrusive at night than it does in the daytime

    had you been to Brisbane before it was built? what is your impression of the building?

  2. Am so enjoying your Brisbane series but yesterday and today's are THE best. Love these shots. You are so brave, Sally. I need to learn how to do this. Clever you! Thanks for telling us how to do it.

  3. That top photo is a stunner. I must learn how to do this!

  4. Jilly & Nathalie - nothing easier: just move the camera back and forth horizontally and press the button as you do. Voilà, art!

    Thanks for commenting on my Brisbane pics. (More to come!)

    I have been to Brisbane before, but have been singularly UNobservant about the skyline. I honestly don't mind that building, but can see how its bulk would be grating if you cared about what was there before.

    Honestly, I don't think the skyline can get bad enough to compete with the travesty of the ugly, ugly, Paris style freeways on the northbank right along the river! At least there is now the walkway/cycleway along the bank, even if you do have to walk single-file for fear of being run over by rampaging cyclists :-) That's better than Sydney where cycles are anathema.

    Brisbane is ALWAYS a construction zone as far as I can see. There are a couple of 70-storey numbers going up near where we stayed at the medina - which is near Fortitude Valley/Spring Hill, right near Story Bridge (Ivory St)

  5. hehe Sally.

    It's temporarily Brisbane DP now?
    Did you do the Stony Bridge Climb? This one is much easier compared to the Syd one. ;-)