Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Stone Villa Inc, Sydenham

This house was the only one to survive the demolition of 152 houses in Sydenham which were severely affected by aircraft noise when the third runway was built at the airport.

It is now leased by Marrickville Council to local artists as a community arts studio.


  1. Wu-hoo ... you have reached the tonne on the right! Well done!!

  2. SWF is a terrific experience. You would love it.

    I went to your building the other week to listen to David Marr and Annabel Crabb tear shreds off Malcolm Turnbull. What a turkey he is!! More to come I suspect: I think he is a goner ...

  3. Yep ... watched the ABC news this evening ... I would sheet the leaking down to Minchin and Nelson et al.

    However, the concocting I would sheet home to the very blokes you mention: A & C & T and H.

    And it all started with a ute ... a ute ... you have to love this bloody country!!

    I really love blood on the floor in Canberra ... they can mislead the people but they shouldn't mislead each other ... pffft!

  4. it's a nice house. what is there now here the houses once were?

  5. Observer, there's a park there at Sydenham now, where the houses once stood. I hope you don't mind me answering that Sally.

  6. not sure if it's the same park or down the road a little but there is a cute bit along the road where they have demolished the houses & replaced them with lawn but left their front walls & letter boxes along the road.