Monday, 15 October 2007

Spices at Flemington

Flemington Markets are Sydney's main produce markets. As well there is a "Paddy's" market - stalls with countless cheap knockoffs of socks, handbags and plastic toys. Amidst it all i stopped in my tracks and was transported to memory of Istanbul's Spice Bazaar! I just stood and breathed deep for quite some time...

OK, I've been tagged by Bergson at Chateaubriant Daily Photo. And I have to pass the tag on...

Here's the rules:

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Here's 8 Random Facts about me:

1 I love swimming - it's the only exercise I can bear!
2 I studied french and german at school, remember a little french and almost no German
3 I have one adorable son, aged nearly 14
4 I have lived in Melbourne, Sydney, Moree, Istanbul and Dorset (England)
5 I am standing for election as Senior Vice President of my teacher union (which is why I haven't spent very much time commenting on blogs lately!)
6 I love going to the theatre
7 I 'm a Francophile and hope to live in France for a while some day
8 My sister has just been travelling through from Beijing to Istanbul, through Central Asia, and I am jealous!

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  1. Don't get stressed out too much and hope you are successful.

  2. Hi Sally! Thanks so much for visiting Toruń Daily Photo. You sure do sound busy...same here!

    Those spices look lovely!

  3. The spice pots look very interesting, but what stops a sneeze or cough from contaminating the entire display?

  4. Hi, Sally!! Thank you for your wishes!! and your Turkish is very good!! Our languages are very close so I understood you perfectly well! Will do the tagging once I am back from Georgia in one week! Thank you! Separate thank you for visiting my blog!

  5. Oh, non, somewhere must be the pistachio mountain too.

  6. I should visit this shop next time I'm in Sydney. I was so much younger when I visited your beautiful city and only did the touristy thing.

    One of my favourite places to visit wherever I go is the grocery or market. Ever so colourful and most interesting.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. May I invite you to visit my other blog Your Love Coach?

    Have a great day!

    Your Love Coach

  7. Nice colours. Is making me hungry!

  8. I'm flattered to be tagged !!!! May I delay a couple of day or the chain will be broken forever? :-)

  9. Of course I love your photo so coloured and so... Good smelling even here !!!

  10. Those spices..I am sure they would spice up the food..just the way they have spiced up ypur blog! pl take a look at mine sometime

  11. Wow, quite surprising to see such a big spice market right in Sydney.

  12. Great close shot of the spices. I enjoyed it and I enjoyed reading your 8 Random Facts.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

  13. Thank you for thinking of me for your tag...It is not so easy to answer! And it's always a pleasure to visit Sydney through your eyes.

  14. Great shot of spices. I wonder the freshness and goodness doesn't go when spices are open to the air like this, but that's how they seem to be sold in all markets. Same here in Menton.

  15. Good luck with the elections Sally. It's always great to learn a little bit more about our blogging friends. I studied French and German at school too! Auf Wiedersehen ...

  16. Hi Sally, delighted to be tagged by you, almost in the antipodes! But if you don't mind I'll take care of the chain once I've some time to post, which may take up to the week end. Thanks, and just win that election...