Monday, 22 October 2007

The Archaeology of Bathing, Woolloomooloo Bay

"This artwork by Robyn Bracken traces elements of former ladies baths at Woolloomooloo. A floating jetty and marine piles mark tidal change, the stair cage and portal frame reflect on the enclosed spaces associated with early bathing machines. "(City of Sydney Archives, CRS 904/C006). It is one of many sculptures found along the Sydney Sculpture Walk.

There have been baths at Woolloomooloo Bay since the 1820s. For a history of swimming baths in this part of Sydney Harbour, you can't beat this entry on the City of Sydney website.

Nowadays, the Andrew Boy Charlton pool is a very popular pool. I have blogged about it on my Swimming Pools Blog : here when the Queen Mary was visiting, and here.


  1. It's all left to the imagination. I saw the baths south of Coogee for the first time and they were a nice surprise,a step back in time with ladies (womens)pool etc. Old style set up.

  2. Woolloomooloo...this word is going to stay in my mind all day long! To say it is already a journey!

  3. That sure is interesting artwork Sally!

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  5. This is fascinating - ditto all the links you provided. I love your Swimming Pools blog - do you put private pools on as well or just public? I only saw public ones on the links I clicked.

    There was a film once, wasn't there? Forget the name - Burt Lancaster swimming his way thru all the pools in his neighbourhood!

  6. great work Sally, I give a look on your blog wonderful