Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Bardwell Valley Morning

This morning I went to the gym for my usual swim, and no-one showed up to open up. So, I headed back home and went for a walk around the local area. Here's a view taken in the early morning light (6.45am daylight saving, so really 5.45am), looking over the olive grove planted by Council in honour of residents of Greek origin, and to the golf course and creek valley beyond. Pity about the real estate advertising brochure sheltering under the sandstone outcrop, but I guess it shows we are smack bang in the city, not some pristine wilderness! The trees in the foeground just behind the rocks are left: a Casuarina ('she-oak'), right: a Banksia serrata, both native to the area.

I've posted about the olive grove before - click here to see how the trees have grown.


  1. My dad, who's just turned 83, plays at Bardwell valley golf course twice a week. He used to belong to Eastlakes, out near Kensington, but was finding the drive there became a drag.Fascinating about the olive grove too.

  2. Ilove that early morning light, although I confess I don't see it very often!

  3. Early morning.... my favorite time of the day. This is a beautiful spot! And my, those trees have grown.

    This is my first visit to your blog and I am enjoying it!

  4. Love that first photograph. Such amazing rocks and those trees - especially the she-oaks - say Australia to me.

    I love that the council planted olive trees for the Greek community.