Sunday, 14 October 2007

Ramsgate Baths

At Ramsgate Baths, a remnant of the last surviving timber pool enclosure within the Botany Bay/Georges River area. Its construction technique and use of materials is unique within the Sydney region. Such enclosures are built along the bay to provide safe swimming free of the threat of shark attack. Sharks are numerous within the bay.


  1. Sharks! Great Scot!! I don't think I'd swim there regardless of the enclosure. Was so startled, I forgot to really, really look at the photo. Will have to go back again!

  2. Nice angle! You captured this really well.

    Norwich Daily Photo

  3. Thanks Sally - as I have posted before I grew up on the shores of botany bay and remember as a child there were lots of baths - geat fun diving of the piers.