Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Did you notice?

I deliberately didn't draw attention to this "cow" on the grass of the house pictured yesterday, wondering whether anyone would notice it.

Did you see it?
I wonder whether it was bought after the worldwide phenomenon Cow Parade was in Sydney in 2002? I looked for it on the Cow Parade website, but for some reason Sydney isn't on the list. (Why not?) And the link to the Cow Parade Australia site doesn't seem to work.
So, I kept searching. I found an independent site which is also perplexed about why the Sydney site no longer exists. There are no pictures of the Sydney ones, but there are names. I don't have time right now to go through them all.


  1. Oh oh! First here!
    No Sydney cow parade website? What a shame... Well, great pictures as always! And Woolloomooloo? What a name...

  2. Choppy day on the harbour...good breeze for sailing.
    Just noticed the cow now...looks very content with his corner of the world (as he would, with that postcode).
    I remember seeing wonderfully painted cows in Sydney a few years ago, probably longer actually. They were fantastic and so wonderfully perplexing.

  3. Not really convinced by this "piece of art"... and not sure I'd enjoy lunch by the water with the harbour being so choppy.

    (trying to convince myself that I wouldn't want to live there...)

    Noticed that the frangipani is still very bare. You aren't quite out of winter yet, are you?

    Enjoying the visit, as always.
    Hope you are well.

  4. Love the shot. I put a link to it today on my blog.

    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

  5. I would not have noticed it. In the other shot, the head/horns are kind of blended with the shade of the tree. (that is my excuse). :)

    People are so lucky to live in such a beautiful setting.

  6. What an elegant cow! No website? I managed to photography similar bovines outside an embassy in Canberra

  7. I think an even more interesting question would be, why is there a painted cow on this person's lawn?
    lol! :) You should march up to the front door and demand an answer!

  8. gmg: Woolloomooloo (you have to remember all the double o's IS a great name!

    caba: I just can't remember Cow parade; loved it in paris tho!

    steve: how flattering! Thankyou

    nathalie: yes! But the jacarandas are out in force now.

    hyderabad dp: yes they are, exceptionally privileged.

    ann: great idea; unfortunately you don;t get anywhere NEAR the front doors of these places - all security gates and so forth.