Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Set in concrete

In the pavement on Pier One at Walsh Bay, I found these signatures/imprints in the concrete. They date from the 1980s, and I guess they will fade over time. Many of the people will be known only to Aussies "of a certain age"....underneath the collage I've listed who they are.

How many do you know of?

Top: Rolf Harris - entertainer
Slim Dusty - country singer (died 19 Sep 2003)
Betty Cuthbert - athlete
Ben Lexcen - designer winged keel on "Australia II" yacht, winner of America's Cup (died 1 May 1988)
Brian Wenzel - actor
Kamahl - entertainer
Pro Hart - painter (died 20 March 2006)
Robert Helpmann - dancer, choreographer (died 28 Sep 1986)
Tom Keneally - writer
Julie Anthony - singer
Joy McKean - singer, and wife of Slim Dusty
Nat Young - surfer
Pat McDonald - actor (died 10 March 1990)
Dawn Lake (died 1 Jan 2006) and Bobby Limb (died 11 Sep 1999) - entertainers
Syd Heylen - actor (died 4 Dec 1996)
Santa Claus! !
Humphrey B Bear - children's TV character
Andrew Peacock - former politician and friend of Shirley Maclaine
Roger Woodward - pianist
Doug Sutherland - former Lord Mayor of Sydney
Abigail - actor


  1. What a great find. Where was Skippy though and Dame Edna?

  2. Hah! You must have spent your entire arvo down there looking at your feet. I missed this ... and the stone in the bitumen. I guess I was looking towards the stars ...

  3. That's interesting. Thanks for featuring these Sally. I vaguely remember seeing these back in the 1980s when Pier One was set up as an amusement centre.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  4. Knew them all expect for Joy McKean. Something else I had no idea existed. Calling Abigail an actor is charitable.

  5. What fun and a great idea. I'm amazed how few I do know - and appalled. Of course tho, I know Pro Hardt, Robert Helpmann, Tom Keneally, and Andrew Peacock and of course Rolf Harris who is practically a Brit now although he'd hate my saying that...

    And where is Clive James?