Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Gözleme at The Rocks markets

Gözleme, a traditional Turkish flat, hand rolled pastry, filled with various fillings, is a perfect market snack food. Fresh pastry is rolled out, filled and sealed, then cooked over a griddle.

These women were making them at a stall at Sunday's markets in The Rocks.

I couldn't choose one favourite photo, so a collage it was. However, my two favourites are the centre ones: the older woman casting a weather eye over the younger, and the younger women twisting the dough in the air. I have uploaded them all full size at Sydney Daily Photo Extra.

I had a spinach and fetta cheese one, and forgot to take a photo of the finished product, so eager was I to eat it!!

You can see someone else's photo by clicking here! And below is an out of focus crop:


  1. Hi Sally. Tks for taking time to drop in at RuT.

    That "soundscape" thingy sounds interesting!! (Well it shld "sound" shouldn't it!)

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  3. They looks delicious. You can never go wrong with spinach and feta.

    Thanks for visiting Bangor Daily Photo.

  4. as a Turkish, gözleme is definitely one of my favorite food :)

  5. I sure have read "Stravinsky's Lunch". A friend gave it to me for my 50th. I must dip back into it for the GCS section ...

    Many thanks for the offer. Very sweet ...

    You will be astounded to know that Ann of Sydney Meandering was at The Rocks markets on Saturday and I was wandering around Bennelong Point for a lot of Sunday arvo. Snap!!

  6. Yum! Fetta cheese and spinach.
    Small world! We took my mum out to lunch at The Wharf Restaurant at walsh Bay on Saturday for her birthday and then wandered around the Rocks afterwards. I'll have some photos from around the wharves from tomorrow.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  7. Sydney's smart snapping Sally! How do you put together the collage of photos into one photo??! Guess I'm just an amateur! Regards from EAGAN daily photo

  8. Small world, I took a stack of Rocks Market photos on Saturday which will go up sooner or later. Didn't see these people.

  9. I like the Rocks market!

    Looking at them make it makes me hungry!

  10. This is unfair, I am hungry now. It's lunch time and I am still at the office. Nice choice. Yummy.
    I have been tempted to use collages but never did. I know what you mean about not knowing which one to get from the series. The final result is better to tell the story. Nice post.

  11. The portraits altogether make the collage strong! Interesting looking procedure and, of course, who can resist feta and spinach!