Sunday, 26 July 2009

The science experiment (my Sunday)

Today was the last day of the winter school holidays, and on an otherwise dull and slightly rainy day, my day was set alight helping my son with his school science assignment. He had to design an experiment and record the results, so with Dad on stopwatch and hose and mum on camera, he set loose his inner pyromaniac, testing the flammability of several fabrics.

Here we see dripping polyester, melted nylon, singed rayon, ash-producing linen, flame-throwing cotton, melting and burning wool wadding and hot-wheels cotton flannelette.

What's the best experiment you've ever undertaken?


  1. Great, it seems to have worked and although I haven't communicated directly I haven't heard the fire brigade sirens, so presume the neighbourhood hasn't burnt down. it seems that there are varied results which is exactly waht you need to record difference in results and draw end-use conclusions. Well done,

    [who did assist just a little bit by helping (only) with the purchases of well researched, selected fabrics.

  2. Sydney's sinister Sally singes stuff Sundays!

  3. That is something the local fire department should have to show their new volunteers. Lets Make History.

  4. Interesting way to educate oneself!

  5. That seems to be an interesting and worthwhile experiment!

    And it serves to remind me how glad I am that those days are in the past!