Friday, 31 July 2009

Cockatoos (SkyWatch Friday)

There's a flock of sulphur-crested white cockatoos living in my local park. One day recently I felt like I was starring in a scene from The Birds.

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  1. Hard to imagine an entire flock of these beautiful birds. Paradise, simply paradise!

  2. Wonderful image and it is neat because the "white" cockatoos look black here :-) So many of them in one shot!

  3. Whoa! The Birds was the first thing that popped in my mind! Great capture though.

  4. I have seen birds in migratory formation in the sky but never get the opportunity of capturing them in a camera.

    But this one is aweful lot AWESOME!

    I'm trying to identify the cuckatoos...but I can't. Anyway, what an interesting skywatch you have had over there.

  5. That is awesome. A nice touch added to the feathery sky!