Friday, 17 July 2009

Monorail, Light rail and freeways

A transport spaghetti at the Convention Centre at Darling Harbour. The elevated freeway, elevated monorail and ground level light rail. In the background is the old Goldsborough Mort woolstore building, built in 1883, now redeveloped as apartments.

The monorail is much criticised. It has no real functional use other than being a tourist attraction, and is INCREDIBLY ugly, especially in the centre of the city. I hate dit then, and hate it now, and have never been on it! I say "maintain the rage!"


  1. i used to have a t-shirt that had a monorail going past the eyes of the Mona Lisa - the caption was Mona Rail

    i bought it from The Eye in the late 80s in Sydney, Brian Toohey's publication after the decline of the National Times

    i hate the monorail too

  2. The mind boggles at the continuing stupidity of our City Elders!! I will out-gough-you ...

  3. Good work capturing the thre modes of transport in the shame shot. I've hated the monorail since it was built too. Also hate the elevated freeways that disfigure the city too, like these ones at Darling Harbour.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  4. Sydney's silly Sally snaps smart Spaghetti! Super "sky subway!"

  5. Hi Sally, haven't visited your blog in ages. It's still doing a great job of capturing the essence of Sydney. When we lived in Ultimo and Haymarket we actually used the monorail frequently. I was very convenient ... not to say it was a bright idea to build it.