Saturday, 4 July 2009

Have a great weekend

Maybe you're going to go out on a photography expedition? Maybe you're spending a relaxing time with family or friends? Maybe you prefer your own company, or circumstances keep you alone? Maybe you have to work?
Whatever it is, be it catching up with people amidst the bright lights of a city bar like this one at Circular Quay, or lolling on a beach - enyoy!
Or as they say in these parts Avagoodweegend (which is Australian running-words-together slang; it was originally from a TV ad for insect repellant, Aeroguard)


  1. Tricky how they achieve that - dark & intimate and bright at the same time. The colors are so brilinat. Weavejunegloomfogwhichsucks.
    Hope you do have a lovely weekend.

  2. Nice image, have a good one you too!

  3. I love those colours! Great shot!

  4. Circular Quay's a great place. Love this effect with the blinds.

    The locals here in Nottingham have the ability to join up words into one long one. As an example: "Gorragerrausone". "Meaning can you get me one".

  5. The colors of the bars are truly eye catching. Beautiful.