Monday, 6 July 2009

Campbell's Cove

Campbell's Cove at west Circular Quay is an area of jazzed-up waterfront. The former bond stores are now upmarket restaurants. The glass and steel building at left in the photo at left is the Overseas Passenger Terminal where the large cruise ships tie up. The bar I showed two days ago ("Cruise Bar") is in this building looking out over the water.

The distinctive looking building with the spire was built 1883-4 and is of Anglo-Dutch design. It was the Australiasian Steam Navigation Building and was a warehouse. It is now a gallery space and theaterettes.

Campbell Cove is named after Robert Campbell, a prominent Scottish merchant in the early days of Sydney. He purchased this land in 1799 and constructed a private wharf to house imports such as sugar, tea, and spirits from India. He was the only merchant that broke the monopoly held by the British East India Company. From 1838, he began construction of 5 sandstone bays (Campbell Storehouses, which is where the restaurants are now.)

These photos were taken last Saturday. How's that for a brilliant winter sky!


  1. Sydney is just such a magnificent city and your photos show it off in all of its splendor!

  2. Sally, I reckon this must be close to where Horseferry Steps are. It is a great little area of the inner city.

    Love all the history you have supplied.