Monday, 27 July 2009

Local repair shop

This local repair shop was around the corner from me for decades. You could take in toasters, vaccuum cleaners, heaters, radios, TVs.....and they would be repaired.

The shop, and repairer have now gone, subsumed by another apartment development and slick looking shops (still being constructed).

When was the last time you had an appliance repaired rather than thrown it out and bought a replacement? No wonder the world is sinking under a sea of crap, and choking in its own chemicals.


  1. That too, but also this bloke no longer has a job. And think of all the skills that are lost: like the weavers, thatchers and wainwrights of yore.

    I can remember when men serviced their own cars: up on the stump on a Saturday arvo for a quick grease and oil change. But the advent of the computer changed all that and now only specialists know how a car works!

    Okay ... you can have your soap-box back now!

  2. Very well said. I am all for recycling and fixing. Nice to see someone other than me having a rant about something so worthwhile.

  3. I remember that shop, and what an eyesore they've replaced it with.