Saturday, 17 January 2009


On the way back from our holiday, we stopped at Gerringong's Boat Harbour. Hungry pelicans wait expectantly while these fishermen clean their catch at the public boat ramp.


  1. This is a nice grouping of pelicans. We have pelicans in Costa Rica, also, but I ususally see them only flying above our condo on the beach as they fly up the shoreline, usually in a straight line if there are onlyh a few of them or in a "V" formation if there is a large group.

    I was in Sydney for Christmas this year. What a beautiful city you have. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Did you read about the pelicans falling out of sky, dazed and dying in Southern California?

    I'm happy to see healthy ones here!

  3. Oh how I remember them well, the pelicans waiting by the fish cleaning table!

    I loved all your previous Rosedale photos too, the trees, lagoon and waves. I actually followed the link to your Rosedale blog and that beach is truly beautiful. Lovely summer shots Sally. We could use a bit of your summer heat today here (I wish...)