Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Bronte 5 - Outside the Baths

Not everyone wants to swim in the confines of the baths. There is a ladder enabling access to the ocean from the baths. I'm standing on the edge of the baths looking towards Bronte Beach. Just beyond where the woman is swimming, where you can see a cluster of people in the water, is a "ring of rocks" natural pool called a "bogey hole". The word bogey apparently comes from a local Aboriginal word meaning "to bathe".

Today I'm still in Melbourne at the Australian Open (see previous posts - I won a trip). As I write this on Sunday night, it's predicted to be 35 in Melbourne, and the thought of swimming in the ocean in Sydney will have to suffice to keep me cool!


  1. Enjoy Melbourne, Sally! Enjoy!
    Did you get an entry to today's matches as well?

  2. I know about that natural pool in Bronte, I've watched little kids swim in there with joy! I wasn't sure the ring of rocks was natural though, and I didn't know about the name bogey hole either so thanks for the info.