Saturday, 24 January 2009

Bronte 2 - The stairs

One way in to the pool at Bronte is down these steep stairs. The pool has lane markings for races; it was pretty frantic when I was there and people were all over the place! I had to wait for some time to get a snap with no people in shot. I was pleased with some of the others, but wanted a contrast, and this one with the simplicity of the white contrasting with the greeny blue water pleased me.

Today it reached 41 degrees in Sydney (that's 105.8 fahrenheit), having not dipped below 27 overnight. At 2am I decamped to a chair in the backyard for a while.

My son and his friends opted to go to a public pool today - the large water slides were a great attraction. Being old enough to look after themselves now, I dropped them and went to explore another rock pool - this time at beach further south - Maroubra. I'll bring some photos from there after the Bronte series.


  1. That water looks very inviting but the stairs.......

    I don't know how you survive such temperatures. I think I'm dying if it gets above 75F.

  2. this one works really well, its a great shot.

  3. This is beautifully framed... nice shot.

  4. great shot. sydney is a wonderful place and your photos show a lot besides the city living. thanks

  5. i like the angle og this photo