Sunday, 25 January 2009

Bronte 3 - Hanging on

The turning board was added to the baths after its construction to enable races to be held. It divides the lap swimming area from that used by young children, and provides a convenient resting spot.

Today was much more pleasant in Sydney - max 26.

Tomorrow mornign my son and I are off to Melbourne to see some of the action in the Australian (tennis) Open. I won a competition which provides us with business class airfares, a night's accommodation at the Grand Hyatt, a whole heap of tennis gear and tickets to the Rod Laver Arena.

I'm presetting the blog to publish for the next couple of days (not taking laptop) and hope to get some good tennis pics!


  1. This is such a fabulous shot!

  2. Enjoy your trip to Melbourne for the Australiann Open Tennis match, and congratulations on winning such a contest.

    My wife and I spent this past Christmas holiday season in Australia, starting in Melbourne and ending in Sydney. Both are beautiful cities, with great parks and public spaces.

    I hope I do not offend anyone in Melbourne by commenting that nothing in the world compares to the Sydney Harbor and Opera House, in my opinion.

  3. How lucky you are to see Australian
    Open!! Say my Hello to Federer and
    to Gonzales!
    I'm looking at the Open on T.V.
    Have a good trip

  4. Nice dip in the water

    So soothing :)

  5. Hello Sally,
    I discover your blog because of Nathalie. I live in Avignon, and I first discover Nathalie's blog when it was about Sydney, and then by luck she came close to me in Avignon, I live in a small village in the Gard, 10 kilometers from Avignon.
    My husband has got a daughter who lives in Sydney.
    First, she had a flat with her husband on Tamarama beach, with a two year old daughter, and they moved six monthes ago in an house on Bronte beach. (An now a second little girl is born in November).
    And that's why Nathalie gave me your blog address to see your last pictures!
    And it was great to have a look and try to read your blog and the other one with the swimming pools!
    I thought I could meet Nathalie and have a drink with her in Sydney but now it is not so easy , but maybe we could meet together, it would be nice for me to meet you;
    Not sure I can speak english easily, I have always to improve it...
    If you're ok, you can send me an e-mail and we could do a surprise to Nathalie and send her a photo.
    She doesn't know I write to you!;-)
    Best regards