Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year

A rather belated Happy New Year from me....and a HUGE THANKYOU to everyone who has left messages for me over the past few days and especially yesterday. This is not a photo, but a scan of my own hastily constructed message to you all! Read on to see why.

I would love to respond personally, but unfortunately I am on holidays and the only consistent Internet access is via steam-powered (or so it seems) dial -up: it varies from between 11 and 44 kps!! Yep, kilobytes per sec!. So uploading pics and comment boxes is nigh impossible, especially when the sun is shining outside, the waves are rolling in, and life is better lived away from the computer!

To add to this little tale of woe (????) my camera has broken. Kaput. Dead. I have rushed to the shops and bought a replacement, however, and the photography side of things may resume normal transmission soon. To show you what has happened with the camera, here is one of the last shots I attempted on it. Bad huh! The colour filter seems to have keeled over. (Apart from which it is a super-boring photo - under normal circumstances it would never see a blog!)

In the meantime, I have found a computer to upload some pics on, and am putting them on my Rosedale and Beyond Blog, with some of my favourites set up to load automatically here over the next few days. These are all from the old camera before it went bung. I've yet to get out and about with the new one - the battery is still charging. For those interested, I bought a Canon Ixus 970, which has a 5x optical zoom. Still a pocket camera, but 10mpix and a better zoom. I've been very happy with my previous Canon and am familiar with the software, so went with Canon again. I considered SX110 IS but everyone in the 'serious" camera shops recommended the Ixus over it.


  1. happy new year on the beach!!

  2. Golly Sally, that is so similar to what has happened to me. I have been using a Canon PS S3 but the lens now refused to release and just sits there chugging going beep beep beep ... poor little thing. I am considering either the SX10 IS or the SX1 IS. Went to Ted's this morning but they did not have the better of the two which is the SX1. Will try to solve the problem over weekend. Have a story that links to your Sandstone series tomorrow.

    Keep swimming ...

  3. Love your New Year message and thanks. And gosh, what a drag with the camera. A Canon Ixus is great. My last camera was a Canon Ixus 850 IS and I loved it. Only changed it for the Panasonic cos I wanted the 18 zoom.

    Happy New Year, dear Sally and famille.

  4. Happy New Year! It's gotta get bettah than a camera breaking. A new and better one must be on it's way!

  5. Hi:

    You blog is so nice and the "down under" is a great country...I just to want to say hello from Brazil and Happy new year...

    Best Regards!

  6. Happy New year, my dear. Hope you get a healthy camera soon!!!

  7. A very Happy New Year to you Sally & enjoy your new camera. (Mine is a Canon PowerShot XS100IS 8 megapix - maybe I'll move on to a SLR in 2010). I loved your selection for the best 2008 and you have a lot to chose from. What really impresses me is how you stick to your series once you embark on it. The sandstone one and the art by the sea are amazing. So again, wishing you and yours a happy new bloggy year & looking forward to many more of your shots.
    (PS I enlarged the photo of the woman on the beach - it's not boring at all when looking a little closer at the woman & the ocean & the rocks - do go & look at it enlarged.)

  8. Happy New Year to you too! And, have fun with your new camera.