Monday, 26 January 2009

Bronte 4 - The Leap

This little fella, cute as all get out, took the great leap of faith, into the safe hands of his dad. But not before seeking a little reassurance about where to go.

Today I'm in Melbourne enjoying the Austalian Open tennis (see yesterday's post - I won a trip and tickets!).


  1. Oh my dear Sally, lucky you, lucky you! I hope you have the greatest time!!! You might even see one of our French tennismen play... I'm looking forward to the photos.

    I was at the Australian Open in Melbourne 3 years ago with husband and daughter. It was fantastic.

    Happy Australia Day to you.

    BTW this little fella is the cutest thing.

  2. And of course I'm enjoying your Bronte pool series tremendously, I've been there many times and love the place. The last time I was there it was during a cold winter day with big seas, quite different to the peaceful summer scenes you are showing.

  3. Sally - oh what fun these are. I can just feel this little boy's joy in the day.

    And Happy Australia Day to you and your lovely family. Great you got a ticket to the tennis. Lucky you. I'm watching it on television here.

  4. Sally,please did you win an Open ticket from a tennis match championship?
    Have fun

  5. Congratulations on your win! Airfare and tickets to the match... that's quite something!

    We'll look for you in the stands. :-)

  6. Congratulations! Enjoy your trip. Lovely photos, just wish my granddaughter had his courage. Her cossie never gets wet, just covered in sunscreen!

  7. I LOVE Melborne and can't wait to visit again. The gardens, the people, the wonderful that you won a trip!


    San Diego, CA