Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Voyager Point

Across the footbridge from yesterday, and we find .... another suburb of McMansions being carved out of the bush on former defence department land.

Click here to see an aerial photo (while the footbridge was being constructed). These two houses are clearly visible - they are the ones on the corner closest to the bridge.

You can also see in the aerial photo the gateway/entrance to this development which is called "The Sanctuary". A real sanctuary to the graffitists of the area, who have covered this and the walkway of the bridge itself with tags.


  1. Ah, the dreaded McMansion, Sally...why am I not surprised. Those aerial photos in the link you posted were amazing.

  2. bonne idee la photo aerienne. la maison est tres belle

    good idea the air photograph. the house is very beautiful

  3. Oh how sad ... Bushland replaced with thirsty lawns, twee plants and oversized homes. When will we wake up to sustainable homes and gardens?

    (I do enjoy this blog BTW!)

  4. I would want to cross the bridge you posted yesterday, but now i know where it leads...I would have prefer a wild space! Is McMansion a sort of Australian Kaufman and Broad?

  5. It must be a wonderful thing to live there.

  6. Alice: McMansion is like McDonalds food - fake, plastic and pretending to be sustaining and nutritious but really bad for you and everyone else!

    I have a personal hatred of bloody pencil pines, esp where they border native vegetation.

    These houses need carbon-loads of artificial heating and cooling, are in car-dependent suburbs and use an inordinate amount of resources to build and maintain.

  7. Nice photography as usual and compelling narratives.

    Their beaks close, their eyes shut and their heads flop over the edge of the nest.
    American Robin series starts today in Brookville Daily Photo.

  8. Mmmm, those in our area look just the same. Monsters.

  9. They are soooooo ugly. Cheesy quotations of historical styles. The embellishments are often made from dense styrafoam thats then sprayed with stucco.