Thursday, 31 May 2007

Blues Point Tower

This particular carbuncle on the shore of Sydney Harbour was vigorously defended by its architect, Harry Seidler, right to the last. (Didn't stop Seidler whingeing about the noise from nearby Luna Park when he lived in an apartment in a building he designed, overlooking Luna Park).
I guess we can just be thankful that Seidler's vision of similar towers covering this headland never came to realisation.

And if you are interested, I have published all the Sydney Daily photos I've posted featuring the Harbour Bridge - click here.


  1. cette tour est impresionnante, surtout toute seule comme cela. beau paysage

    this tower is impresionnante, especially all alone like that. beautiful landscape

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  3. Hi Sally, we have the same subject today. I rather like the tower in it's setting but I am not illiterate, insensitive and uneducated as Seidler would have called me had I been a critic!:-)

    It certainly is a building that polarises opinion. I like your idea to put all Harbour Bridge photos in one place.

  4. Nice way to frame this photo.

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  6. i like the design on the tower. it's like a snake that goes all the way up!

    sorry, too busy and have not been visiting much

  7. Maybe I've missed something, but this chap should be struck off the list of archtitects.

    BTW noticed your Barber's might like my Barber's shop plus Richard's very enjoyable comment clip left on it: