Sunday, 13 May 2007

Saturday afternoon play, Surry Hills

Yesterday was a "run around and do chores" kind of day; not much time for smelling the roses, or taking fabby photos!

I took our son to his music lesson (drums) and sat in this tiny park while I waited. These "big boys" were enjoying themselves kicking a ball in the nearly gloomy light of late afternoon. I like this pocket-handkerchief sized park, surrnded as it is by high rise redevelopment on the dge of the CBD (that's 'downtown' for Americans! CBD= Central Business District).


  1. Nice photograph. It looks like the boys were having their fun.

    I have celebrated this day, Mother's Day in my country, with a magazine cover for my wife. I hope you can see it.

  2. The modern day village green.

  3. ok, so here is the training yard for the Rugby World Cup.

  4. Interesting to see a different an unusual view of Sydney!

  5. Apparently there was enough time to get a good photo. Very lively. Very ”now”.

    Drum lessons, eh? I won’t ask about where he does his practicing… ;)

  6. abe: thanks
    gail's: yes! It is a bit like a village green. hadn't thought of that!
    elastic: from what I hear, Australia needs all the training it can get :-)
    gmg: ta
    per: a-hem - good question; in his bedroom! It's not too bad - really :-)

  7. It`s good - even tiny spot of grass between those houses! And boys can enjoy it, you too!!

    Are there any special autumn trees blooming?
    I wish you a good new, week!

  8. Does he practice his drums at home? Have you had a room soundproofed or do you enjoy the music? LOL

    Sally, regarding Hermes, went back to the spot in King street, my 'Napoleon' is still there (will post it this week), but next to a Hermes sign which is way up there where no one can see it. At the foot of the building is a Chanel boutique, not Hermes, hence the confusion.