Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The Meccano Set, Lansvale

The intersection of Liverpool Road (the Hume Highway), Woodville Road and Henry Lawson Drive at Lansdowne has, for decades, been universally known as 'The Meccano Set', and I think that is its official name now (at least that's how it appears on street directories). It's a Sydney icon.

If you don’t know what a Meccano set is, click here.
You can find out more here and here.


  1. and every single car is so clean in Sydney? great!

  2. Bright blue sky, aren't we lucky Sally? At least for photographic purposes!
    Another name I'd never heard of, you're a mine of local knowledge!

  3. un superbe ciel, retour de weekend ?

    a superb sky, return of weekend?

  4. The Mecanno Set as a name is older than I am, I can remember it as a kid, it was the last major intersection you hit before you headed back into the Shire, and being like it is you always remembered it.

  5. I was a Lego boy myself. Have you noticed that all the cars in the picture appear to be Japanese?

  6. The same name was given to a different structure much further back, sally; but the world changes. There was even a yellow chalk signing "Eternity" contemporary at one stage, but during the use of the word as part of the 2000 Celebrations, few even remembered he existed.

    Mind you, the white chalk writer had a slightly better hand, and the identity of the yellow chalker was never (as far as I'm aware) discovered.

  7. dsole: yes, they are clean aren't they! Funny cos you can't use hoses at the moment to wash your car - just bucet and cloths. We take ours to a car wash place every so often.
    nathalie and olivier : yes, so blue! As it so often is. This was taken on Sunday afternoon last, which was warm and gorgeous (look at Nathalie's pics of Manly and Mosman from that day!)
    duncan: you wouldn't recognise the area now - well, you might, but if you go down henry Lawson Dve you can get on to the M5 motorway!

    gail's yes, by far the majority of cars sold here are Japanese. Now there is virtually no local car industry, it's the closest manufacturing country. Though the Koreans are giving them a run for their money. Not many European cars, that's for sure!
    norman where was the previous intersection by that name? I've only been in Sydney 39 years, so this is the only one I've known! And the Eternity man was gone, I think, before we arrived here. But go back to about the 3rd post I ever made: do you recognise the UFO Man? He used to be found around Gowing's corner.

  8. Interesting information. We have nothing to compare. But years ago there was an intersection out in the country called, "Five Points," and it was so named because five roads met at one spot between or at the junction of five counties.

    I didn't do much today but...

    I did write about how people used to wear long underwear over winter or until we began to stink. You can find the link at the bottom of the post today.

    Brookville Daily Photo

  9. It never rains in Sidney. The sky is bleu.les cars are clean.

    Too much unjust! If you miss water, call us

  10. I really like this kind of "traffic jam" pictures ;-)

  11. The "meccano set" name wasn't at a corner, sally. It was applied to a structure similar to the Harbour Bridge, possibly because constructing a copy of it was popular with the old metal meccano sets we had.
    I'm such an I.T.Idiot, Sally, that I'd never find my way back to your third post, wherever that may be, but there's still a U.F.O Man who occasionally prances and dances to his own music in the Domain. He tells us Jesus was the son of an alien who also "introduced" the phonetic alaphabet to our planet. I suspect he's not entirely correct with some of his views.

  12. Aaaah, my favourite road: Henry Lawson Drive!

  13. If you want to know why they called it the "Meccano set of lights" here's a good link to check out