Wednesday, 7 February 2007

When the wind changes

When I was out at Olympic Park on Sunday, a wedding group camealong for photos. Someone had the bright idea of standing under the arc of the jets....a great idea for an arty shot, until, that is, the wind direction changed...
Here's a panorama of kids frolicking in the fountain (you can trace the path of the one in blue!) And there's more of my fountain shots if you click here.


  1. Fun!
    Never been there. Would love to...

  2. superbe, j'adore ces photos , c'est impressionnant.

    superb, I adore these photographs, it is impressive.

  3. Hi Sally,

    Belated happy new year!!

    I'm still alive, and would love to say "visit my photoblog!", but would preface all that by just saying how beautiful this shot is! I like the picture of the man going up the step. Rocks!!

  4. Your photo of the bridal party tricked me! Sure looks like they're actually running through streams of water!

  5. I like this photo where long dresses of girls seem to fly in wind and water. Really, really nice !!!

  6. Lovely humorous shot.

    BTW I'm posting a pic of a swimming pool tomorrow (outside only but with a link to a video of the inside)