Monday, 26 February 2007

Georges River at Taren Point

A rainy day, Sunday. I took a wrong turn and ended up at the Georges River. Fortuitous, as I managed to take this shot in what was otherwise a hot, humid, grey and rainy day.


  1. We are so used to see Sydney under the sun, this shot appears quite strange! Did you have some rain? I think you need it...

  2. love this shot - especially as a grew up just across the bay there at dolls point- made me feel very nostalgic

  3. We ended up getting some sunlight towards the end of the day, but yes it was a rainy day!

    I love the mangrove, something rarely shown in Sydney!

  4. Yes, alice, the rain is very welcome - and we need a lot more too!
    kris - Dolls Point eh! You can probably see yourplace from here!
    Nathalie - yes, I love mangroves too. Am pleased more are coming back in Sydney (eg round Homebush), but always under threat from development. A very interesting part of the ecosystem! It poured where we are much of the day.