Sunday, 25 February 2007

How many Susans?

Do you know enough Susans to buy them a keyring each at this garage sale?


  1. Yes, I probably do! Fun photo!

  2. i know quite a few susans!

    hmmmm, come to think of it, i have not seen a few of the susans for a long time now!

  3. I know a Susan in Australia you could buy that for and send to her, courtesy of me! And while you are at it, pick up that Carol keyring for me. hahaha

  4. Sally,
    I have NEVER met a Susan who wasn't blonde. Do you suppose that helps a bit? And guess what, we had some rain a couple of days ago. We all rushed out and stood in it. Would have taken a photo, but guess what,, It stopped. I'm enjoying your photos , thanks !!!

  5. Hey Carol, that was the right thing to say!

    Had fun counting the Susans in various positions...

  6. How about Ming the Merciless. :-)

    My secretary's name is Susan. One of my cousins is Susan.

  7. So, 1 Carol, sold to - Carol, and 2 Susans to Ming - and keropok can have one , or maybe Ming an K-man can fight it out?

    So, any Steves???

    When I grew up, half my class were Susans. The others were Debbies.