Sunday, 18 February 2007

Six weird things

Just south of Sydney, at Stanwell Tops (Bald Hill Lookout), looking down the northern Illawarra coast towards Wollongong. The beach and town in the foreground is Stanwell Park. I took Mum for a drive along here today.
Taking up the challenge from Nathalie to list six weird things about myself...

1. My iPOD contains mostly Barbra Streisand songs (I've loved Babs since I saw Funny Girl as a youngster - aged about 10?)

2. My iPOD contains tunes by Akon, Eminem, Snoop Doggy Dogg , 2Pac, P Diddy ...all of whom I play and like, and 50Cent, who I don't like. That's cos my son and I share the iTUNES section on the computer, so I uploaded his stuff too, and once I listened to it, I came to like a lot of it.
I like Green Day better, though, cos thy remind me of the Ramones - and that was MY era!

3. I live in famous-for-its-beaches Sydney, not far from the sea, but I much, much prefer swimming in pools (as I may just have mentioned once or twice!) I put it down to parents who hated the beach, and growing up in Melbourne....

4. I don't own a dress, and haven't since a maternity dress I had in 1993. I gave it away. I have a couple of skirts I rarely wear, and one good 'going out' outfit (lacy skirt/sequinned top). I call it my 'ballgown'.

5. Many people think it's weird that when I travel I prefer art galleries and museums, the theatre and reading to going out to pubs and clubs. I like to hit the pavements early (often before the shops are open - Paris is marvellous at that time, for example), walk and walk, then relax in my room reading at night.

6. And, I love travelling on my own, moving at my own pace, going wherever I please whenever I please (well at least for a while before I miss my own family).


  1. Hi Sally, nice post:) I like to travel alone too...

  2. tres belle vue, superbe et bravo d'avoir repondu au defi de nathalie. j'ai repondu a celui de cergie, mais pas traduit en anglais (trop long pour mon petit anglais).

    very beautiful sight, superb and cheer to have answered the challenge of Nathalie. I answered has that of cergie, but not translated into English (too much long for my small English).

  3. Beautiful pic Sally, and thanks for taking on the challenge, it's great !
    Enjoyed the "no dress" thing, I can certainly relate to that !

  4. What a beautiful scenery! I enjoy reading your six weird things :)

  5. Gorgeous photo, looks like heaven.
    I agree with you re: getting out early in Paris - much better to wander before everywhere fills up - I'd also recommend visiting in August when all the Parisians are on holiday. Some of the restaurants are closed but the peace of the city more than makes up for this.

  6. beautiful photo! Love your list!!

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  8. that's a gorgeous view, it blew me away.

    i like your 'six weird things'

  9. Ah, you're not so weird, Sally.