Thursday, 15 February 2007

Full House

Yes, we were part of tonight's full house at the Capital Theatre where we saw a fantastic show. What an amazing performer is Billy Crystal (for those who might not recognise the name, he might be best known as Harry in When Harry Met Sally). The show is a one-man play about his family and family friends. I can't tell you how much we laughed! More about the show inside the comments.


  1. tu en as de la chance, Billy Crystal est un de mes acteurs preferes, et surtout un grand showman.

    you have chance of it, Billy Crystal is one of my actors prefer, and especially large a showman.

  2. oh Sally I love that guy, I love all the Oscars shows he hosted...and about 700 Sundays, I haven't seen the show but have read the book. It's a small book and I read it in the library and was crying and laughing at the same time, a very funny, humorous, and touching book about his family. Tell us more about the show if you can?

  3. lisi - I have to dash right now, but will be back with a review for you!

  4. Lisi, it was genius.
    The man is a comic genius. Doing a one-man play, based on your family, in which various forms of stand-up routine are the vehicle was an amazing thing to watch. Timing impeccable. Mind you, he has been practicing in his lounge room since he was nine years old.

    Also, his family history is amazing. Russian/Austrian/Hungarian Jews who emigrated in the early 20th century to America - the classic American immigration story which always makes my heart swell. His grandfather started a small electrical shop selling radios, gramophones etc. Then his uncle fell in love with jazz, and convinced his father to let him record a couple of jazz musicians. Then it grew into Commodore records, the most famous, and first jazz label of its day (his uncle went on to Decca where he ruled the roost for decades, and also wrote exceptionally famous songs). Billy grew up with Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday in his living room! One of them (Basie I think) nicknamed him "Face" cos even from age 5 he could imitate all their faces.

    His first trip to the movies was with "Miss Billie" (she called him "Mr Billy"), sitting on her lap.

    And all this is told in the most hysterically funny way, with slapstick, mime, the old "hearing aid" routine (splutter, splutter), fart jokes, penis jokes and more. You see the family members thru projected images - his dad recoreded much family life on 8mm film.

    The set is the facade of the family house in Long Island, NY where he grew up, and where his mum lived tlil she died in 2004.

    He turned down the Oscars this year to bring the show here.

  5. "He turned down the Oscars this year to bring the show here."

    you lucky folks! and thanks for the extra info

  6. It’s lucky you got tickets, he is a very funny guy.
    would live to see the show, it'll probably come out on dvd.

    great info Sally.

  7. Just saying "Hello"

    My brother found out today that he was able to get a great position at University of New South Wales and will be moving there from Sweden (physics Ph.D) Fortunately with these daily photo blogs, I can see what it will be like. :)

    Glad you enjoyed the show. If you're ever in New York, you need to go to Katz's Deli where Sally had *THE* sandwich. Great pastrami!

  8. Did he talk about this prostate and how he pee in morse code? He is indeed funny!!