Monday, 5 February 2007

Vietnamese Cao-Dai temple, Wiley Park

Located in the southwestern suburb of Wiley Park, this temple is the first Cao Dai temple to be opened outside of Asia. Cao Dai is Vietnam's largest indigenous religion, according to this website.
You can find it right next door to Lakemba Public School, and across the road from Wiley Park Public School, on the very busy King Georges Road.

Details of entrance:


  1. superbes photos. j'attends avec impatience la fin de la construction de la Grande Pagode à Evry pour avoir une aussi belle architecture.

    superb photographs. I impatiently await the end of the construction of the Large Pagoda with Evry to have such a beautiful architecture.

  2. Lovely temple.

    re your comment, I think I know what you mean. I've had half-hour conversations with ski instructors that consisted entirely of "sweet," "no worries" and "dude." And "no worries" comes from the many Australians teaching skiing in the U.S. (who are by the way LOVED by management for their unfailing positive attitude).

  3. Great picture, I just love it!

    What a fascinating piece of architecture, I didn't expect to see such a building in Sydney!

    South Shields Daily Photo

  4. There's quite afew Buddhist temples in Sydney; large numbers of Vietnamese immigrants / refugees arrived after the Vietnam War.

    Also Tibetan Buddhist (I will show you the large temple near Wollongong another time).

    And of course numerous Mosques.

    Not sure about any Hindu temples, but I am sure there are.

  5. (Oh, and Curly) - not many people who are visitors, or who publish photos of Sydney ever get out into suburbia, which is where you find most of these interesting gems. The well worn tourist paths are in the line between Bondi Beach and the City. Lovely as they are,and I do love them, they don't represent much of the 4 million people who live in the rest of Sydney!)

  6. I live near there! Every time I walk past it I always try to get a glimpse inside because it looks so pretty :)