Saturday, 14 November 2009

signs of 2009 (Sculpture By The Sea 2009)

Sydney based artists, Giuliana de Felice says "Based on familiar signage, these sculptures play with what we expect to see as part of the known visual landscape."

Made of timber, steel, paint finish.


  1. Missed most of these, though in hindsight I did see the You are Here one and wondered what on earth it was doing there. Didn't realise until I read the catalogue that it was part of the exhibition.

  2. Same Here. I only noticed the 'You Are Here' sign and wondered whether the map might have been missing above it. Then I thought it might be an exhibit but couldn't see its exhibit number, so convinced myself that it was either a funny sign that's always there or must have had a map missing. I should have known better. Ha Ha.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  3. Nice idea.
    Saw a cartoon once about vacations: one sign pointed toward "Away from it all" and in the opposite direction was "It all."

  4. Sydney's seaside sculpture specializing Sally spotted some silly signs!

  5. Ha-ha-ha! These are great.
    I wonder why the future is always to the right - it seems like an obvious direction, maybe cuz we read from left to right. I wonder if for Chinese the future is down & to the left.

  6. This is fun. The signage looks so much like original national park one.

    I loved Dina's comment!