Wednesday, 18 November 2009

ezra's ounce (Sculpture By The Sea 2009)

This intriguing work by Orest Keywan is made of steel and polymer.
The art critic in The Australian, said:
"Orest Keywan's Ezra's Ounce seems to be a meditation on the predicament of his artform: at the foot of what appears to be the wreck of a classic modernist steel sculpture lies a massive face, like part of a colossal ancient statue. One thinks of T. S. Eliot's line at the end of The Waste Land: "These fragments I have shored against my ruin."


  1. Thanks for giving us all the explanations of the artworks Sally. I only photographed them. It's great to learn the stories behind them.
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  2. Yes, thanks Sally! Looking at your pictures is an important part of my day. And I love this series from the exhibition! Thanks again.

  3. Sydney's sideways shored Sally spotted some stupendous, seaside, skinless, steel sculpture!

  4. Funny and artistic sculptures by the beautiful sea! Really great Sally !

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