Thursday, 5 November 2009

Not a Sculpture (Sculpture By The Sea 2009)

First, a great big Hello to all my readers, and especially Sculpture By The Sea fans (hi, Nathalie!!) . I am really, really sorry I don't get back often to comment or visit your blogs, but life got so much busier this year when I took on a new job, it is all I can do to keep the blog going - going out and taking pics as well as posting and researching.
But all your comments come in to my email and I do read them!
OK, so this is not a sculpture. It is the home of a man known as the "Bondi Caveman". He lives on this ledge overlooking the sea. Today he is in the news, which is why I am posting this. He has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman visitor to S x S, and has been denied bail.
You can read the story here. Time will tell if he is guilty, but I thought it was a newsworthy aspect to the exhibition. Tomorrow coverage of the sculptures resumes (J Bar - there are 114 in this year's exhibition; I will not be showing them all!!)

Update: His house was demolished this morning (18 November) as it is on Crown (public) land.


  1. Sydney's seaside Sally spotted something sorta' sculpture similar?

  2. Great work Sally . You always got unique post in your blog. I love reading your blog.

  3. Have been loving this exhibition, Sally but sad to read today's story - not for where he lives - looks fab to me but that he's been charged with sexual assualt.

    re the exhibition, I love that in Australia, space is used - outdoor space and why not. Some fascinating work you've been showing us.

    I'm guilty too of lack of comments - why does life get faster as we get older? Anyway you know we love you!


  4. Wow! I never imagined there were so many. I really need to make an effort and capture a few of them, at least. Quite shcoking news about the Bondi Caveman. He had become a minor celebrity in recent years.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs