Saturday, 28 November 2009

little boy lost (Sculpture By The Sea 2009)

Paul Trefry's lifelike sculpture is made from silicon, fibreglass and human hair. He says it is "made from the heart, without pressure from other parties."

At first the local council, Waverley, decided the piece had to don a pair of swimmers, but artist Trefry took them off.

He said he "had felt so uncomfortable with a Waverley Council ruling that his sculpture had to be clothed that he rose at 7.30am and made the short trip from his Bondi home to return the piece to its intended naked form.

''Basically, I've had enough of censorship, about how the Government are basically stopping everyone from doing anything,'' he said.

''If Sculpture by the Sea want me to remove it, I will. If they are going to do something so petty, I would rather not be in the exhibition.''

But Sculpture by the Sea founder David Handley said the piece would remain. ''We think it is pretty funny and guessed they'd probably reappear on eBay,'' he said of the missing swimmers. ''Then we found out the artist took them off himself, and thought, 'Why not?' Now, if people wish, they can see him in all his glory.''

Full story : Sydney Morning Herald.


  1. What a thought provoking statue Sally! As someone who's been lost on beaches, and has also lost my own kids (temporarily!) it seems an important comment at a seaside exhibition. His expression sums up the terror of it all. Thanks again!

  2. He looks so lifelike. Reminds me of the David Niven movie "The statue".
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  3. That is awesome! I'm glad they didn't make him take it down.

  4. X-rated photos now, Sally?! Tsk! tsk! Censorshop of this sculpture was not only unwise, but pretty stupid as well!

  5. great piece of work

    i fear the artist is attention seeker though

  6. That looks so realistic! Amazing - and fun story. I love this series of the sculptures.

  7. How absolutely stupid of the Council to want to dress him up. Are they going to cover all the naked statues in museums and art galleries as well ????

    Come on Council, wake up! A naked statue is OK !!!!! These people are making absolute fools of themselves.

    I'm glad artist Trefry didn't give in.
    Censorship of that nature is unacceptable.

  8. Your photo is the best I've seen of this work. Some I saw elsewhere were framed/cropped just so that the boy's willie was only half visible or not at all. How prudish. There's something wrong in your countryif a statue can't run around naked!