Saturday, 16 May 2009

Seasonal change

On April 3 this year, I published the photo at left - a colourful bougainvillea in early autumn, a last flush from summer.
Above is the same plant captured last week - the blooms are fading fast.


  1. Great comparison shots. Even though it is losing its color, the paleness of the petals is still nice.

  2. They are becoming like paper, aren't they. I gather this coming week will really see the arrival of Winter dead on time!

  3. Just had an e-mail from my brother who said that the weather is getting cooler and that the water levels are low.

    It's supposed to be summer here, but the water levels are high!

  4. Two super photos. I've never seen a bougainvillea the colour of the lower photo. It's beautiful.

  5. ditto on the super photos. I keep trying to get good photos of bougs but they have so much glare that the colors don't come out right.
    It's so fascinating to see the similar plants in Sydney as here in a different season. Most of the jacarandas are blooming now.

  6. The blooms may be fading,
    but they do so in beauty!