Saturday, 2 May 2009

Empty pool

This empty backyard swimming pool is at Government House in the Botanic Gardens. I snapped this recently when we were there on an Open Day benefit for victims of the bushfires in Victoria.
As the current Governor doesn't live at the house, and it is used purely for ceremonial purposes, I guess there's not much use for the pool at the moment? Or maybe it's just empty for maintenance?


  1. i remember walking by Government House when we walked through the botanic gardens. I suspect they are doing maintenance and will refill the pool. It would be dangerous to remain empty.

    The bats hanging from the trees in the botanic gardens and taking off at dusk were amazing.

  2. As far as I know, from when I interned there, it's just not used anymore. They don't really need to maintain it. After the Governors stopped living there I think it remaind in use for staff for a very short while? I could be wrong on that. But it's in a gated, private area so it's not really dangerous. I think it'd be more dangerous to keep it filled.

    Anyway, it would be sort of silly to keep it open with hardly anyone to use it, Australia being such a dry continent, and having plenty of beaches a short transit away.